Monday, November 16, 2009

Birthday Inspirations and Etsy Giveaway

Yes, it is almost 1:30 EST. I took a three hour nap after I put my daughter to bed tonight and cannot shutdown this brain of mine. I have a giant "To-do" list for two things: 1) my daughter's birthday party, and 2) my Etsy site holiday inventory. So it only makes sense for me to blog about it instead of work on it. Right?

#1 My little girl is turning one in just a few weeks. I have tossed around about 100 ideas for her party. I have really enjoy the theoretical part of planning her party. Now that I am actually starting to work on things, I am realizing why so many parents book the local Chuck-E-Cheese. I will skip the greasy pizza and swine flu ridden play equipment this year:) Instead, I am going to have a little party at home with a girly woodland forest theme. My inspirations:

Baby GAP dress
owl stir sticks
Michael Miller Pet Deer Fabric
Cocoa Studio Forest Friends clipart

I am trying to keep things simple so the day is about my little girl and not just a party. Wish me luck! I think the first birthday party for your first child is a little overboard no matter what you do.

#2 By Black Friday I hope to triple my Etsy site holiday inventory. To get things rolling, I thought I would have my second shop giveaway. In honor of "Turkey Day" I am giving away this pheasant feather headband:

To enter, leave me a message telling me about your favorite item(s) or what you would like to see on my site. You can either leave a comment here or use the Convo feature on my Etsy site. I will randomly select the winner the day before I stuff myself with pumpkin pie smothered in real whipped cream.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Etsy Shop Announcement

Just a note to check out my Etsy shop today: permanently reduced shipping (to Canada & Australia now too) and temporarily reduced prices on most items.